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Seelenmaler Mirko Bralic

My god, my faith, my hope!

(… What cannot be invented?…. Absolute truth cannot be invented)

    1. About God (autumn 2020 God is here! ... GODDESS ???)

    2. About the prophets

    3. About Adam and Eve (and other Bible lies)

    4. About Satan, Lucifer, Allah, Elephant, Monkey, Bull, Odin and other pseudo-gods

    5. About Satan's interests !

    6. About libido, sex and sexuel fantasies, and child molesters !

    7. How to do this holy Cross makes !


    I need to write about my insights and I want to anticipate

    that I have no absolute truth claim, and I just want to put it up for discussion!

    I also have no missionary zeal because

    FAITH cannot be studied or taught,

    You have to experience FAITH if it is to be sustainable!

    Basics of my hypotheses:

    1. Monotheism. (There is God, or rather it is a GODDESS, with more female parts!
    There is Satan, Satan exists !)

    2. The Bible is not original (abuse of the powerful and scribes,

    Since there have been scribes, there have also been greases, e.g. = Picture newspaper!),

    3. Bible code / prophet code exists (see: 2. and 3. about the prophets)

    Nomen est omen.

    4. There is reincarnation (rebirth).

    Note: a.. Buddha's teaching.

    b. And Jesus will definitely come again (autumn 2020), so he / we will be born again!

    c. Balding, baldness in men! Because humans lose more and more hair in evolution / rebirth,

    the bald are the most often and oldest born again!

    d. Déjà-vu

    Rebirth is an opportunity, but most people blame it.

    Until Adam (Adolf) got his last chance, as cruel as that may sound for the victims! (see under 3. for explanation!)

    God can only punish him for crimes actually committed!
    Also, it's not about the apple, but about Abraham's family tree,
    .... don't you dare touch Abraham's tree, you perverted hyena !!!!

    S5. Satan was on this planet at some point.

    Has operated genetic engineering, now people do too!

    (hard drugs, disease bacteria and viruses, carnivores, cannibals (eat seed sauce !!!)

    GOD EATS VEGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a. Note: black holes, where did you come from? Long after the origin.

    b. Note: Erich von Däniken (extraterrestrials, runways).

    c. ... and people also build tin cans / UFOs.

    6. Biological-political information on where and how God can be classified politically:

    a. Assholes (body part) are BROWN or BLACK, ALL of them.

    b. Heart is RED and beats LEFT, not on the far left, because it is only BLOOD RED!

    c. .... someone wants to deny it! ... I don't think there is a coincidence!

    d. Very important: It says: "You shouldn't have any other gods besides the true God", but that doesn't mean, "You shouldn't have any other prophets next to me!".

    And: The true God is the first / oldest God and has several prophets! (No criminals)

    Satan shows himself in various pseudo-gods and has only one known pseudo-prophet!

    (Criminal, murderer, child molester) ... like the Lord, so the Character... ...

    1. About God: Better and more truthfully said: it is a GODDESS!

    God and faith must be logical, because man also thinks logically,
    and since you can make XX an XY, but XY can't get XX,
    the piece is missing from the Y to make an X out of it, so the origin must also be female, but also with male parts! But men, nothing works without us!
    The churches / religions,

    basically all of them together, completely and scientifically completely untenable, illogical views.

    In the text I mostly write God, and not Goddess, because I'm not used to it any other way!

    Origin of God: God has no beginning and no end! The origin of all things.

    You just have to imagine that God has always existed,

    for a space and time-dependent mortal being like We are, it is unfortunately very difficult to imagine.

    But if you imagine time now, you can imagine that time has no START and END.

    It is like a circle (two-dimensional) that closes, a circle also has no beginning and no end!

    Three-dimensionally it is a sphere, and four-dimensionally one can imagine a spiral that closes!

    And from NOTHING, you can ONLY do NOTHING.

    There must be something!

    And to the Indian gods / religions / prophets:
    The real ones are:
    Shiva, this is the real GODDESS, She and the father (forefather).
    But what the Indians make of it, well, but definitely against EVIL !!.
    Then Hare Krshna, Jesus Christ, and Buddha!
    Everything else is Satan!
    e.g. : The Elephant / Gunesh: Snie proboscis, pimp tail,
    then the monkey: .... God has not trusted the monkey for a long time

    ... then St. Cow, that's the golden calf in Moses !!
    The Indians can choose their gods, otherwise they are still fine!
    Because THE GODDESS chooses the CHOSEN!

    2. About the Prophets:

    I would like to present my hypotheses here:

    Very important:

    It says: "You shouldn't have any other gods besides the true God,"

    but that doesn't mean: "You shouldn't have any other prophets next to me!".

    I'll start with the good, true God's prophets:

    Zarathustra = ZAR-athustra = reference to the Tsar (Russia) = reference to Rasputin

    Buddha = BUD-d- H.A. ... Bud-dirty-Hitler A. (But this dirty Hitler A.)

    (Please be sure to read 3. Adam and Eve to see the connection!)

    Hare Krshna = H.A.-RE Crash-NA (Nazis): ... there will be a crash with the Nazis,

    if H.A. RE (Hitler re-elected).

    Jesus of Nazareth = NAZI-ZAR-RED (red): also indicates Rasputin!

    Noah = No A.H .: Nazis do not come on the ship !! (Spaceships?)

    Rasputin = Ras-PUTIN: With Putin, God freaks out ... maybe not exactly meant

    but Putin as a prophecy is just like it is in ZARathustra ZAR,
    and with Nazareth ... Nazi Tsar and reth / rot .. = reference to Rasputin .. as a prophecy.

    And at the ZAR, Rasputin shows up, so I see a code in the Nomen est Omen principle!

    (We’re with Putin, and in the endgame, it’s going to be a long time with this pollution,

    I believe that the circle will close in the near future! Because much later is no longer possible!

    Mohammed will be discussed in 5th.

    But first of all: a child molester, murderer etc. is never a prophet of the true God!
    Proof: Star of Bethlehem means, The next religious star is pretty sniffed by the god, STAR SHARE!

    And someone who treats women the way he treats you does not get a PRIVATE PUFF (72) in paradise!

    He has proven that he rapes virgins! (Descendants)

    72 virgins = quantity, pray 8 times to Mecca = quantity !!

    Proof: I don't see 72 excess virgins anywhere ... oh, who does he do then?

    Satisfy 72 virgins? Big mouth, nothing behind! You can promise EVERYTHING!

    He is also not the last prophet, as he claims, according to my hypothesis, this is Rasputin, until now! Rasputin is completely underestimated as God's prophet!
    Prophecy: The first will be the last prophet!
    Reincarnation = Zarathustra = Abraham = after the Mirko the deluge !!!

    And one more thing for the inconsiderate: You didn't want the Persian (Zarathustra),
    JUDE/Jew (Christ), Jew, didn't go at all,
    this PERVERSE CHILD MALDER and MURDERER, you chose it! Good night !!!

    3. About Adam and Eve.

    The first people were 1st Sarah and 2nd Abraham, these are the elders,

    and so you have to assume that you were the first people, or cells,

    who were then born again more often than everyone else.

    Note: Sarah was the oldest woman. The first / oldest egg cell?

    Chicken or Egg, Which One First? Of course, the egg cell (single-cell or multi-cell! Which first?)!

    Adam and Eve may never have been the first for proven scientific reasons!

    to Adam and Eve (Adolf and Eva?): ...... where did he get his rib from? From the ADAM?!

    It has been proven today that you can breed / clone a male (XY) from a female mouse (XX),

    but you can't make a female out of a male because you can't make a X out of a Y.

    The little piece of the Y is simply missing! ... to make an X!

    So the female was there first. (The useless chest of the man is another indication!

    ..or hermaphrodite plants! The female flower always comes first, before the male pollen emerges,

    because what should the male pollen fertilize if there is no female flower before!

    In this regard, it can also be mentioned that there are almost only male transsexuals who consider themselves women.

    It is not far fetched if you actually have female souls. GENTECHNIK people can now too.

    But Satan gives you male bodies (he makes XX bodies XY bodies) to torture you.

    This is the only way!

    (Hypothesis: Maybe he influences the soul in the soul migration, nobody knows

    how and what that causes in the reborn body!)

    Note: There are almost no women who think you have a male soul or you are men.

    If humanity clones today, will God have taken a rib? It's about the cell!

    And if so, the rib must have been XX.

    I say Adam and Eve is the prophecy of Adolf Hitler and Eva BRAUN,

    and that the Bible is only in fragments in the original.

    I can prove that it has been proven to be a lie that the two are the first people, see above (3.)!

    Note: Nostradamus: "... someone will come who will cover the world with blood! His name will be Hilter! "

    Nostradamus quote!

    Since Nostradamus calls him HILTER, you could also say that ADAM is ADOLF!

    The Bible did not write GOD, and did not write JESUS!

    The Bible was cobbled together 400 years after Christ!

    .... and the Catholic Church was founded by a criminal! PAUL!

    ... just as Islam was founded by a criminal!

    This is exactly the distinctive difference between Christianity and Islam:

    The origin (Christ) was GOOD! (Healer and not a murderer or child molester!)

    But what the Catholic Church makes of it is yes only blasphemy!

    I do not believe in FRIGIDE MEN!
    (Men who are not sexually active at all)
    Meaning and symbolism of Babylon = Baby alone, the towers are the child's tails in rebirth!
    But Rome and Mecca don't take much!

    further Bible lies:

    a. Jesus died for our sins! And God forgives everyone! ---- Did Jesus die for Hitler too?
    ... and why Adam HIT and Eva BRAUN will be transported out of paradise if God would forgive everyone! (see under 4.)

    If God would forgive EVERYONE, then he would have to forgive Satan, he certainly won't!

    And I claim that Jesus Christ died only for the elect!

    These are also those who come to paradise!

    The chosen ones include: (victim)
    all Sabine women (prostitutes), all today's children up to a certain age, homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, Sado-Maso, caviar, sparkling wine, disabled people, MS, psychotics, Israelis, Sinti-Roma, Greta Thunberg, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and the like ..... etc.

    ... EVERYONE whose soul, and thus their body, which Satan attacked. (Transmigration)

    Satan attacks everyone whom God loves, but does not catch everyone, which is why they are

    true good people, no matter if Israelis, Muslims, Hindu, Christians, Buddhists ... etc. chosen.

    We know who the LAST are:

    Prostitutes (= Sabine women), homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, Sado-Maso, caviar, sparkling wine, disabled people, MS, psychotics, Israelis, Sinti-Roma, Greta Thunberg, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and the like ..... etc.

    Why are the true good Muslims, Hindus, etc. chosen?

    Because the good people who worship the serpent / satane don't even know

    that YOUR so-called god / gods, the snake is personal!

    Lucifer in an angel's dress does not reveal that!

    but everyone who harms other people, the real perverts, fly out of paradise!

    Definition of non-perverts?: (Kant) "What you don't want, what you do,

    don't do that to anyone else! (Sado-Maso ... by mutual agreement!)

    What true perverts don't stick to it ?! (Perpetrators)

    e.g. Sexual: child molesters, animal molesters, etc.
    Pimps (all rapists and motherfuckers ... Sarah = Magdalena in rebirth),
    political / religious: Nazis, blood-red communists, IS, fraudulent capitalists, murderers, dictators, etc.!
    political / religious: all FANATICS fly out!

    These are not "the LAST", they are the VERY LAST!

    Evidence / indication that there is soul / soul migration: Experiments were carried out where people were on the scales in the process of dying. In the transition from life to death suddenly 2 g were missing, for all dying!

    b. Water to wine? Only the Christs/Catholics believe that God has produced this satanic substance alcohol.

    Completely counterproductive, pregnant alcoholics, liver, kidney ... hard addiction drug (see under 4.)

    c.: Jesus could walk over the water? Rasputin couldn't either ... total nonsense!

    I refer to Rasputin because with him you come closest to the truth about prophets,

    because it is the last tradition of how the Prophet lived!

    d.: The Holy Celibacy? Rasputin to prostitute, Jesus Christ to prostitute (Magdalena).

    Rasputin was known to be HIGH POTENT and not frigid!

    In contrast to the child molesters of the Catholics. Thesis: A Catholic is always lying about love and sex!

    e.: … Work 6 days, on the 7th you should rest! Some capitalists certainly pissed that in the Bible !!

    f.:... immaculate fertilization ??? Anyone can believe that, I can't,

    the other true prophets also did not need an immaculate fertilization!

    g.:... and he created human after his image !!!!

    ... .. after the image of this perverted blood-spitting traitor / predator?

    What does people imagine, what and who they are!

    g.. Homosexuals are not allowed together! ???
    Child molesters have somehow forgotten these writers !!!

    Would like to know who is actually causing damage here!

    4. About Satan, Lucifer, Allah, Elephant, Monkey, Bull, Odin and other pseudo-gods:

    And what I want to say right away:
    YOU, who thinks that YOU are allowed to MAKE A DIFFERENT / THINKING / INCREDIBLE,
    and also get 72 virgins in paradise,

    YOU say I: You will get nothing from my GOOD MERCY GOD!
    No paradise, no virgins! .... for blood spraying!

    Satan saw when he was here: Aha, men, all TAIL THINKERS,
    then he promises 72 virgins, the planet belongs to him! He didn't ask the women, he did
    Headlocks, torture boxes (veils) packed and trimmed because the women didn't want him.

    And today all Muslims say: my pimp is not that bad !!!! ????

    Satan is deceiving, he is always a wolf in sheep's clothing:
    (the golden calf = holy cow with the Hindus, Allah, snake, elephant, monkey and the whole Indian animal park!)

    What religions does he hide?

    Always: merciless, misogynistic, misogynistic, sometimes anti-Semitic, fascist, totalitarian, imperialist.

    (Circumcision of girls, but not always more often, Indians throw their girls into the well!)

    Satan using the example of Allah:
    Now if someone says there is no Satan, I say there are black holes too,
    and they came long after God, or the origin of the universe!

    Now one wonders, the black holes are 14 billion years old, where was the man?
    Answer, man became way too cheeky too quickly for God, so he put us on hold,

    he saw that on the dinosaurs, what comes out when he lets it go!
    Now the earth is only 5 billion years old, the satans came here later.

    If Allah is the newest God, is he the true oldest / first God?

    Because only the OLDEST GOD is the real God, that's logical, isn't it?
    For blood spraying promises 72 virgins in paradise!
    Nobody was so brazen, none of ALL the old gods has ever promised 72 virgins!
    (Then at least ONE of these many gods lies!)
    He has conquered half the planet in a very short time!
    Man fantasies are served, he didn't ask women,

    He is also a fashion creator, you can see by the black fully veiled, that is his most modern fashion piece!

    Then he brought the alcohol (yeast) here, then he made problems for people, then he made alcoholics,
    then he forbids alcohol to deceive people that he is the producer of the yeast and Satan himself.

    Because how does Lucifer appear? In angel's clothing, the wolf in sheep's clothing!
    (Allah, elephant, monkey, holy cow (note: the golden calf, Moses), etc.)
    You can see, by the way, that alcohol is a snake LINE when people are drunk and sway or drive a car!

    The snake knew:

    Humans will find the NEEDLE (heroin, etc.) in the HAYSTACK (hop alcohol, marijuana).

    So much for the hard drugs.
    The only drug that God accepts is: MariaHuana, marijuana!
    (St. Mary = among others cannabis / grass / ganja / hashish etc.)
    Highly potent soothing remedy. Helps to withdraw hard drugs, at least it relieves a lot, but it is still not easy.
    The satans were here, saw that mariahuana is easier to evade, and thought we must be addicted too!
    We messed around but didn't finish, so mariahuana has very little addiction potential.

    It helps, among other things: to calm down, morphus chron, MS, depression, some psychoses, ulcerative colitis, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, spasticity / cramps, cancer, diabetes, Tourette syndrome, arteriosclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit -Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), glaucoma, AIDS, and much more. (Https://
    The most potent medicinal herb there is.
    Proof / hint: Ashes to ashes (Mariahuana), dust to dust (Dust .... Angel Dust).
    And that is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry and politics do not want to legalize!
    They want to sell your chemical filth (side effects without end)!
    What other drug has soothing / healing properties? No other, all other drugs have only destructive, destructive properties!
    And, no one has died from Mariahuana yet, let alone that one could cause overdoses !!

    An example where the satans no longer had time to mess around are ducks, faithful for a lifetime. And they are VEGAN.

    And where can I find the snake / Satan / Allah / Odin?
    In paradise, with Adam and Eve (Adolf Hitler, Hit = English: hit, bat, snake,
    and Eva BRAUN. Allah = All A.H. = Eng

    But if you assume that Adam and Eve, Adolf Hitler and Eva are BRAUN,
    for who else should Adam be, if not the greatest criminal of all time.
    And, if there is no rebirth, how could God prophesy Adam Hitler and Eva Braun.

    Note: Should someone say that ALLAH is not anti-Semitic and fascistoid!

    Adam and Eve are not the first people, as clearly demonstrated under 3., but:

    Adam / Adolf Hitler and Eva BRAUN are the first to fly out of paradise.

    The BROWNs do not come to paradise, they are also the cruellest of all political ones!

    ... and not only because of that! But also because of the rebirth = ... once Nazi always Nazi ....

    once child molester, always child molester .... this is simply not THE WAY to paradise!

    It is always the fascists / Nazis and the big capitalists who want to murder the Christ and thus the Jews,

    or do they want to say they want to murder Judas?

    They want to kill the Christ. And the Romans were Nazis too!

    And: Allah = ALL A.H./ODIN ... Hitler's God ... he wants all browns (English: All A.H.).

    Of course a lie, he wants all souls, see Dr. Faust von Goethe, Goethe is right with his tragedy!
    What do the satans want (of course that's not just one!) With human souls?
    They want to install a heater in their COLD BRAIN! Is that fun for a human soul?

    What does Satan (Mephisto) promise in Faust? Money and women !!!

    "I will call him a microcomulus!" Quote from Faust! Mi-Kro (the Croatian .... Faust Vrancic, Dr Faust from Sibenik)

    What is the name of the last prophecy? : ..... after the mirko the deluge ..
    .... see M birthmarks on the hands
    These are the secret signs from Dr. Faust /Goehte/Mikrokomulus..Mirko Bralic ..
    ................ the secret characters remain secret .... at most on request!
    Mirko / Mikrokomulus is in rebirth, among others:
    Zarathustra, Abraham, Kaspar Hauser, Georg Elser, Faust Vrancic,
    and ... after the mirko the deluge, you can do GENTESTS!

    I summarize it again:

    The god who is clearly the cruellest and most brutal, who circumcises girls (not always, but more often), who does not accept any women's rights,
    as the LATEST God appears, as the only of all gods, promises 72 virgins,
    (then AT LEAST ONE of these many gods lies!),
    is fascistoid (which of these states somehow works at all),

    May murder other believers / thinkers / unbelievers,
    is anti-Semitic ...
    .. cultivates a so-called HOLY WAR,
    ... and which sport does this supposedly strongest of all gods actually win?

    NONE !!!! ... oh, one of a kind! THE RACKET, of course! (MOHAMED ALI)!

    ..A GOOD, MERCY GOD is definitely not!

5. About Satan's interests

Judas = Jud-AS = Satan's Jewish AS, Assad = AS-Sad = Satan's As, Trump = Satan's Trump,

Adolf Hit = Satan's hit, Allah = All A.H.'s = all Adolf Hit / Brauns / Faschisten

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that every INCREDIBLE is murdered.

An unbeliever is a DIFFERENT, and that is EVERYONE!

And therefore also everyone who reveals and exposes HIM

so that the truth about him does not come to light, he is deceiving and deceiving and deceiving!

But what you overlook: the wolf travels the whole herd, not just the wise sheep!

..... not just the so-called unbelievers!

Of course it is in Satan's interest that Assad murder his people and drive the refugees to Europe,

so that Islam spreads in Europe!

Of course it is in Satan's interest that people believe that there is no HIM, because then you don’t come up with the idea

that he was here, built a huge laboratory, genetic engineering, drugs, viruses, bacteria, diseases, etc. .....

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that Trump starts a dispute with the Arabs! (coming world war?)

Of course it is in Satan's interest that there is anti-Semitism! (Abraham's forefather of the Jews and the Arabs = Cain and Abel,

like in former Yugoslavia, brother against brother!)

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that this is how it works on the planet: EVERYONE against EVERYONE, but ALL against the / THE JEW!

If 2 argue, the 3rd is happy !! ... and who is the 3rd? THE SATAN !!!!

Of course it is in Satan's interest that the girls be circumcised! Every chain is as strong as the weakest link!

Who is the weakest link in society? The girls!

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that the cath. Church is a child molesters association!

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that Adam HIT and Eva BRAUN,

want to murder all Jews because then Jesus Christ will be there too.

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that the capitalist doesn't share anything that belongs to God! (Camel-bottleneck)

Of course it is in Satan's interest that the most beautiful women (only externally) almost always sell to the highest bidder,

because then selfishness crosses with (supposed) beauty. God didn't give you her beauty for that!

Furthermore, my opinion: the beautiful women almost all lack a certain modesty towards God,

regarding your beauty. So high your nose! God then says ok you sell your beauty!

Whoever fucks capitalism doesn't get an orgasm, money or love!

Of course, it is in Satan's interest that the Indians, Muslims etc. sell or promise their women

because then love will not be passed on!

6. About libido, sex and sexual fantasies!
Siegmund Freud wrote in one of his treatises, among others:
Perverts and schizophrenics have / would have the same sexual fantasies!

My opinion: It is possible, that the fantasies are similar, but the question arises:
Are they, or were, the perpetrators or victims of their fantasies.

And what role does rebirth play in sexual fantasies, or also in phobias? Are they, or were they possibly traumas from the past/reinkarnation ?
This would also answer why women often have submissive fantasies and / or victim
I also assume that all women in your reincarnation have certainly experienced violence more often, be it through war, peoples migration and similar.

Another topic:
Why do young men often suffer from premature orgasms?
My hypothesis:
That also influences Satan, with his genetic manipulation in the migration of souls. The men come too early (mostly chosen ones), the women never or later. Rarely a common orgasm!
Pimps can of course be cold for 2 hours!

If a woman doesn't come after a certain amount of time, she won't come in 2 hours!
Satan says to himself:
The premature do not want the women, but there are often chosen ones, precisely because you have made an early exit for God in past life,
ok, says Satan, then I will give you an early orgasm, as punishment! ------- my hypothesis! Solution of the problem / inferiority complex: First a little cocaine or alcohol, since it can last longer.
Then later you only have to shovel at the Cocaine! You can see that has calculus!

But that does not mean that someone who does not suffer from premature ejaculation, that this is automatically not a chosen one!
and another thing:
In the long run, all hard drugs make IMPOTENT, ALL!

Emergence of child molesters?
Well, MAN/Women starts at 18 years old humans, and then younger, from reincarnation to the next reincarnation!
Until at some point you eat baby's, shit it, etc. depending on the fetish .... .... or desecrate corpses!

The same counts more and more brutally for pimps in their use of violence against Sabinner / prostitutes, from one reincarnation to the next.


1 .: The tower to BABYLON (to baby-alone). This is the symbol of the child molester's tail in rebirth / incarnation. They try to build it bigger and bigger into heaven, until the GODDESS brutally beats it together! Everyone knows that the tail does not fit!

2 .: The Last/youngest Judgment! The youngest children you raped, you will pay for it!

And one more thing about NAZIS: They disguise themselves as Nazis, but are mostly child molesters! Favorite fetish: Jewish children before, or in front of the gas chamber!

If you are not a Nazi, not a child molester, or a pimp today, you were usually NONE in previous lives!


7 .: How to do this holy Cross makes!:

1st forehead (3rd eye), 2nd right, 3rd left, 4th middle below chest, 5th middle above navel!

I forgot the text! Say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .... then you can not reveal anything !!!!!!! AMEN